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A Question of Morale

One of the controversial aspects of the Chancellorsville Campaign was the decision by Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker to send his cavalry under Brig. Gen. George Stoneman into central Virginia. Hooker envisioned that Stoneman’s troopers would disrupt Robert E. Lee’s lines … Continue reading

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Impressed with Coming Disaster: Alsop’s Field at Chancellorsville

On May 9, 1864, Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick, commanding the VI Corps in the Army of the Potomac, was killed at Spotsylvania Court House. Visitors to the battlefield can walk from the Exhibit Shelter to a monument that stands on … Continue reading

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Picketing the Army of the Potomac’s Winter Encampment: Union Cavalry at Lamb’s Creek Church

Following the Battle of Fredericksburg in December 1862 and the failure of Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside’s “Mud March”, the Army of the Potomac established winter quarters in Stafford County. Responsibility for guarding the approaches fell to the Union cavalry. Picket … Continue reading

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Effects of a Shell

While doing some research the other day, I stumbled across a sketch that caught my eye. It seemed clever yet gruesome at the same time. Titled “Effects of a shell,” it appeared in the memoir of Sgt. Austin C. Sterns, Three … Continue reading

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