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The Supposed Enigma of Isidore Francois Turgis

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin was not just a hit in America, but also in France. After its publication slavery was considered a blight on history, at least in France’s liberal circles. Among those affected was Isidore Francois Turgis, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Our Comfort in Dying: Civil War Sermons by R.L. Dabeny, Stonewall Jackson’s Chief of Staff

Our Comfort in Dying: Civil War Sermons by R. L. Dabney, Stonewall Jackson’s Chief-of-Staff Transcribed and Edited byJonathan W. Peters Sola Fide Publications, 2021, $21.99 paper For Thursday, June 13, 1861—barely two months into the war—President Davis announced a national … Continue reading

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John William Jones: The “Fighting Parson” Remembers The War

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Christopher Martin. Events of recent years have drawn attention to the many Confederate monuments across the county. Immense debate and controversy surrounds many of them, with many people curious of the memory of the … Continue reading

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Battlefield Absolution: Father William Corby

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Michael Aubrecht In times of war, spirituality often counters tragic and catastrophic experiences. Many soldiers pray for both physical and spiritual healing as well as forgiveness for the actions they commit in the name of … Continue reading

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