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On Location: The Wade Hampton Monument in Charleston

I’m On Location for the last time on this trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve stopped in Marion Square to pay a visit to the Wade Hampton monument, which faces East Bay Drive. I’ve stopped her before to muse on Hampton’s … Continue reading

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On Location: The Hunley Center

No Civil War trip to Charleston, South Carolina, is complete without a trip to see one of the most famous—and mysterious—stories of the entire war. It also represents one of the greatest conservation stories related to the war, as well. … Continue reading

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On Location: Charleston’s Confederate Museum

Charleston’s downtown market is best known for its shops and vendors, but sitting atop the market’s western end is a treasure trove of Civil War history…

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On Location: Charleston’s Battery

It’s been a windy few days in Charleston, which you’ll be able to hear, but I wanted to bring you on location to one of my favorite spots in the city…. For more information…

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Tonight’s Sunset from Charleston

In Rob Wilson’s guest post this morning, Army of the Potomac Private George Augustus Marden asked to be delivered “from anymore Southern winters.” And with that in mind, I present this evening’s sunset from the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina—one of … Continue reading

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1860’s Politics: “Like a Burning Bush”: Jefferson County, (West) Virginia’s First Postwar Election(s)

Still to this day, despite the issue supposedly being settled by the Supreme Court 145 years ago, the debate lingers among some–should Jefferson County be in Virginia or West Virginia? Look at a modern map, and you’ll clearly find the … Continue reading

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Confederate Heritage: Getting it Wrong on Independence Day Weekend

I generally try to be empathetic about Confederate heritage issues, but a lot of times, hardcore neo-Confederates make it hard for me. For every reasonable voice I hear, I run into a guy like this one: a lone flag bearer … Continue reading

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Advance of the Ironclads (part two)

Today we welcome back guest author Eric Sterner. Part two of a series. The Ironclads Advance: After the haze in Charleston harbor finally cleared mid-morning on April 7th, 1863, Du Pont raised the signal for the ironclads in his squadron … Continue reading

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Advance of the Ironclads (part one)

Today we are pleased to welcome Eric Sterner. Eric is a national security and aerospace consultant in the Washington, DC area.  He held senior staff positions for the Committees on Armed Services and Science in the House of Representatives and served … Continue reading

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“Little Photography in Jeffdom:” The Decline of Photography in the Civil War South

In 1862 Humphrey’s Journal of the Daguerreotype and Photographic Arts boasted that “The Photographic Art down South has completely died out in consequence of the war.”[i] Though an obvious overstatement, considering that southern photographers operated throughout the war, the journal … Continue reading

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