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History and Healing: Removing Controversial Artifacts from the Civic Landscape

(Editor’s Note: For more context on monuments, see our 2017 series “A Monumental Discussion“) Most Civil War buffs by now have probably heard the news that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced on Thursday the planned removal of the Robert E. … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Philip Gerard on The Last Battleground (conclusion)

Part six of six We’ve been talking this week with Philip Gerard, author of The Last Battleground: The Civil War Comes to North Carolina (UNC Press, 2019). During the course of my conversation with him, one thing theme that has … Continue reading

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Confederate Monuments: “Trending”

I’m sitting in a training workshop today that’s focusing on Google tools. Sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and offered by my “home base,” the Jandoli School of Journalism at St. Bonaventure University, the workshop is covering various Google … Continue reading

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Monuments in the Classroom

One of the courses I’m teaching this semester is a new freshman-level writing course that’s part of my university’s new general education curriculum. I was one of several faculty from the English and Communication departments—plus a groovy Business professor—who helped … Continue reading

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Statues of Stonewall: Charlottesville 2017

Perhaps you remember this image from my “Statues of StonewallStatues of Stonewall” series: the Stonewall Jackson monument in Charlottesville, Virginia. On August 12, a white supremacist rally in the city—organized to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. … Continue reading

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A Monumental Discussion: James Broomall

The current discussion about the removal of Confederate monuments has been largely framed around oppositional views. Social media has democratized a national discussion, which is a good thing, but has also filled Facebook, Twitter, and other fora with a range … Continue reading

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Jefferson: The Man Who Moved Mountains

The second in a four-part series He leveled the top of the mountain with gunpowder. He began the project in 1768, when he was twenty-five. He had his slaves literally sheer off the tip of the mountaintop, peeling away soil … Continue reading

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The Battle of Trevilian Station

Having been fought to a standstill in front of Robert E. Lee’s lines at Cold Harbor in early June, 1864, Lieut. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant decided to swing past Lee’s right flank, cross the James River and assail the rail … Continue reading

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