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Missed Opportunity? The Confederates’ Lost Chance at Chattanooga

ECW welcomes back guest author Patrick Kelly-Fischer In September 1863, the Confederates executed one of the largest troop maneuvers of the entire war, setting themselves up to potentially destroy a major Union field army. They shifted Lieutenant General James Longstreet … Continue reading

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East Tennessee and Confederate Copper

On November 25, 1863, Colonel Eli Long rode into Cleveland, Tennessee, at the head of 1,500 Union cavalrymen. They were there to wreak general havoc. When it comes to Civil War cavalry raids, Long’s Cleveland incursion does not garner much … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on William Tecumseh Sherman

I must admit, it is exceptionally difficult to reflect on William Tecumseh Sherman. No question, he was one of the most enigmatic individuals of the American Civil War. The mere mention of his name in general company today, 150 years … Continue reading

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New York Saves The Union

That is perhaps a hyperbolic title. But one brigade of all New York soldiers saved two Federal armies in the summer and fall of 1863, at Gettysburg and Chattanooga – thereby arguably doing more to assist the Union cause in … Continue reading

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