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Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet in Chattanooga, Part I

ECW welcomes guest author Ed Lowe The Confederate victory at Chickamauga, Georgia, in September 1863 offered up a further opportunity for General Braxton’s Bragg Army of Tennessee to finish off Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans’s Army of the Cumberland. Lt. Gen. … Continue reading

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Under Fire: “I never witnessed a battle field before”

ECW welcomes back guest author Jeff T. Giambrone As darkness fell over the Chickamauga battlefield on September 19, 1863, the booming of cannon and crash of musketry slowly faded, only to be replaced by the cries of the wounded and … Continue reading

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The Iron Brigade of the Cumberland at Chickamauga (Part One of Two)

Few moments in the life of a historian compare with uncovering fresh primary sources. Fortunately, I have experienced this thrill on numerous occasions. Small rewards for thousands of hours spent squinting at period handwriting in archives and attics across the … Continue reading

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Is Ambrose Bierce an Accurate Primary Source and Does it Matter?

Ambrose Bierce is certainly one of the most well-known authors of Civil War short stories, and his writing is compelling. Written with biting satire, twisted humor, and a type of sarcastic nostalgia, he earned his reputation as a strange writer. … Continue reading

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Idealistic Uncle and Cynical Nephew: Lucius Bierce, Ambrose Bierce, and the Civil War – Part 1

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Max Longley… Part One: 1859 – Lucius’ prewar influence on Ambrose? Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?) was a journalist, satirist and writer of short stories about war and the supernatural who acquired literary fame over … Continue reading

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CW & Pop Culture: Civil War Rock and Roll, or, Who was Larkin Poe?

When it comes to the Civil War and popular culture, I admit I am hard to please. For example, with a couple of notable exceptions, I am generally disappointed by film portrayals of the American Civil War. Even the ones … Continue reading

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(Obscure) Civil War Weekend Exploring

How far out of your way would you go to see something related to your favorite battlefield Park? I confess that I visit plenty of obscure historical sites. Goes with the territory, I guess. I visit artifacts, too. When the … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cavalry Tactics: How Technology Drove Change (Part Six)

(part six in a series) In the previous installment of this series, we demonstrated how the advent of rifled muskets and rifled artillery made the Napoleonic cavalry charge obsolete. Now, we will examine how the evolution of the technology employed … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast “Decisions at Chickamauga” Is Now Available

Ready to head into the Western Theater of the Civil War? The newest ECW Podcast will take you on a journey through an important battle and leadership moments. Award-winning ECW Historian Dave Powell joins Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch for … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Kennesaw State University’s Upcoming Tour at Chickamauga

Looking for a battlefield tour focusing on the conflicts leading to the Battle of Chickamauga? ECW is pleased to share the following information from The Center for the Study of the Civil War Era at Kennesaw State University about their … Continue reading

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