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Why “Stuff” A Horse?

I’ve been reading the book entitled Confederate Exceptionalism by Nicole Maurantonio, and it has a chapter about “relics” connected to Stonewall Jackson. The prime “relic” discussed in the chapter is Little Sorrel’s taxidermy hide which the author clearly did not … Continue reading

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Symposium Spotlight: A Horse Named Rienzi

With less two months remaining until our symposium, several of our authors further explore topics relating to their ‘What If’ theme. Today, Sarah Kay Bierle shares a little about General Sheridan’s famous horse… Meet Rienzi. That’s right, the old war … Continue reading

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The Four-Legged Veteran of 18 Battles

The Library of Congress online archive has this photographic treasure: And here’s a transcription of the photo’s description printed on the back of the image:

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CHAS: The California Historical Artillery Society-Part 2

Continuing my interview with Judith Boling from the California Historical Artillery Society … MG: What is the most common question asked during your demonstrations? JB: “How does CHAS train the horses to stand the gunfire and commotion on the battlefield?” … Continue reading

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CHAS: The California Historical Artillery Society-Part 1

There is nothing more exciting at a Civil War reenactment than seeing horses doing what horses used to do, and doing it well. One organization in California has dedicated themselves to presenting this type of experience for onlookers, and to … Continue reading

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Equestrian Casualties at Gettysburg

“Three miles before we got into town we could see the marks of Cavalry skirmishes, passed some dead horses which were slowly burning up.”[i] The aftermath days of Gettysburg – and other Civil War battles – presented horrifying scenes at … Continue reading

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Thinking About These Photographs

Compared to the number of Civil War photographs of soldiers, civilians, camps, and battlefields, posed photos of horses are rare. Clicking through Library of Congress’s online archives, though, I found some real photographic gems in this category. Looking closer at … Continue reading

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Stonewall’s Horses

Early in 1861, John Harman and Thomas J. Jackson inspected a small herd of horses which had been discovered in a captured railroad boxcar. Jackson turned the horses over to the Confederate government and purchased two for his military use.[i] … Continue reading

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Ready to Ride into the Wilderness

Horses enjoy a moment of rest in the Confederate cavalry camp before the kick-off of Wilderness Sesquicentennial events.

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ECW Weekender: The Civil War Horse Memorial

The old gray mare—she ain’t what she used to be. Or so the old song goes. And such was the case for the millions of equestrians conscripted into service, North and South, during the Civil War. One-point-five million of them … Continue reading

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