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The Rise and Fall of Brig. Gen. James L. Kiernan

Major James Lawlor Kiernan’s swift rise from major to brigadier general in August 1863 was just as remarkable as when Elon J. Farnsworth, George A. Custer, and Wesley Merritt were famously promoted from captains to brigadier generals on the eve … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Civilians: Evil Beasts or Compassionate Heroes?

Today, we are pleased welcome back guest author Sarah Kay Bierle “Few good things can be said of the Gettysburg farmers, and I only use Scripture language in calling them ‘evil beasts.’” ~ Georgeanna M. Woolsey[i]  Gettysburg civilians faced heavy … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 5: Thomas Nast

Part five in a series. Uncle Sam? Santa Claus? Lady Columbia? The Republican Elephant? The Democratic Donkey? All of these images of America have the same source, Thomas Nast, cartoonist extraordinaire (and functional illiterate) for Harper’s Weekly. Born into a … Continue reading

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