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Recruiting The Regiment: “Remarkable Patriotism”

Today is the 77th anniversary of Operation Overlord, D-Day, the Invasion of Normandy during World War II. As I followed my annual habit of reading accounts or speeches connected to the event, similar themes between 1944 and 1861 appeared. Volunteerism … Continue reading

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World War II Amphibious Training on the Hatcher’s Run Battlefields

The Petersburg area Civil War battlefields are famously known as a training ground for the United States Army during World War I. Due to the prevalence of trench warfare, the area was a logical choice for the establishment of a … Continue reading

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“Ever Forward”: The 116th Virginia Infantry & D-Day

On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers waded ashore under enemy fire, battling to establish five beach-heads on the Normandy coast of Nazi-occupied Europe. Omaha Beach – one of the code-named stretches of shoreline assigned to U.S. troops for capture – … Continue reading

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