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“The Conflict’s Most Intriguing Possibilities”

I knew our new What If book would be popular, but Savas Beatie World Headquarters tells me orders have been pouring in online this past week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many exclamation points from Ted Savas in … Continue reading

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160 Years: “Unlike Anything That Ever Floated” In Hampton Roads

It was morning, Sunday, March 9, 1862. As executive officer and second in command of the revolutionary ironclad, USS Monitor, Greene supervised the weapons in the turret while his captain, Lieutenant John L. Worden, commanded the vessel from the little … Continue reading

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The “Emerging Civil War Series” Series: Unlike Anything that Ever Floated

The Format of History: The ECW Series Although not my first book, Unlike Anything That Ever Floated is the first for the Emerging Civil War Series. This work presented both unique challenges and deep satisfactions deriving from the series format. … Continue reading

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ECW Podcast: “Unlike Anything That Ever Floated”

Check out the newest episode in the ECW Podcast! Dwight Hughes shares about the Battle of Hampton Roads, the development and technology of the ironclads, and his new book in the ECW Series. Listen for free through this Patreon Link: … Continue reading

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The ECW Series Gets Naval: Prepare for the clash of the ironclads!

The clash of the Monitor vs. the Merrimack—the alliterative “M’s” made for a catchy hook for many of us as kids!—is one of the best-known stories of the Civil War: two iron sea beasts trading explosive blows, battling to a … Continue reading

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What If?—Coming Soon!

Who among us has not, in the course of his or her Civil War adventures, wondered, “What if…?” It’s a favorite angle of conversation among armchair generals: grab a beer, light up a cigar, and refight the war! I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Authors Signings at the Emerging Civil War Symposium

We are happy to welcome the following authors to the Third Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. Authors will be available Friday and Saturday for book signings, sales, and conversations. Edward Alexander: Dawn of Victory: The Breakthrough at … Continue reading

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