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The Trust’s 2019 Teacher Institute: East vs. West

During his session yesterday discussing the eastern theater versus the western theater, Kris White took a few minutes to define the theaters of war. The eastern theater included Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. “It was essentially concentrated in a 200-mile corridor … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 3/18-3/24/19

Who is your favorite commander that fought in both eastern and western theaters of the Civil War? Why?

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Civil War Echoes: The Desert War II

A charismatic general fights for an extended period in one theater against the same force under a succession of generals. Despite being outnumbered and often under-supplied, he manages to win a series of spectacular victories that capture the world’s attention … Continue reading

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Questions of the Week for February 3, 2014

This week we are reintroducing our question of the week, which is designed for open and courteous debate on Civil War topics. We hope that many of you will join in or suggest questions of the week by emailing us … Continue reading

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Eastern Theater versus Western Theater: Where the Civil War Was Won and Lost, Part One

Part one in a series. This series was put together from one of my extended graduate school research papers. The sources used were the current research between 2007-2008, obviously the historiography of the Civil War expands on a monthly basis, … Continue reading

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