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Getting More Young People Interested in the Civil War: Some Suggestions

During a recent panel discussion at the Gettysburg Heritage Center, several of us from ECW pondered a question we all hear these daysL “How do we get more young people interested in the Civil War?” My colleagues offered a lot … Continue reading

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Teaching 8th Graders Through Civil War Living History

How do we teach and inspire the next generation to value history? It’s a question looming in the minds of many in the history field. Museums, National Parks, historical sites, and organizations are trying a variety of ways to engage … Continue reading

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The Mosby Heritage Area Association

For Kevin Pawlak, history is a story. And much like tales of princesses and knights, he said historic accounts have the ability to impassion people, too. Pawlak, education specialist for the Mosby Heritage Area Association, said the organization focuses on … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: An Interview with Dana Shoaf (part one)

part one of five In June, Emerging Civil War ran a series called “The Future of Civil War History,” inspired by the June issue of the academic journal Civil War History. We kicked off that series with an interview with … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: Dwight Hughes

The past is a dim timescape receding into increasing darkness behind us, irregularly illuminated by the historical record. The future stretches before, obscured by an opaque screen upon which we project dreams, fears, and our perceptions of possibilities. We stand … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: Joe Owen

Today, we’re pleased to welcome Joseph L. Owen back to Emerging Civil War. Joe is a historian with the National Park Service and co-author of Texans at Gettysburg: Blood and Glory with Hood’s Texas Brigade. Due to the politically correct … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: Chris Kolakowski

What is the future of Civil War history? On the surface, the question is amusingly phrased, asking for the future of something that has occurred in the past. But below the surface there is a serious matter for discussion.  The … Continue reading

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Jefferson: Self-governance and “the field of knowledge”

The final part in a four-part series “The field of knowledge,” said Thomas Jefferson, “is the common prosperity of all mankind.” Jefferson’s words are inscribed in big bold letters in the entryway of Monticello’s visitor center. They’re written in architectural … Continue reading

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Name Change for A.P. Hill Elementary School?

Ambrose Powell Hill has a secure enough legacy. The general is buried under his own monument which towers above the Hermitage-Labernum intersection in Richmond, placed there by major-turned-developer Lewis Ginter to promote a new residential neighborhood. Three markers denote where … Continue reading

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The Port Royal Experiment – Setting the Stage for Reconstruction, Part 3

Because of Edward Pierce’s thorough report on the African American population in Port Royal, South Carolina, and his success with the growing contraband population at Fort Monroe, in Hampton, Virginia, President Lincoln and Secretary of the Treasury Salmon Chase quickly … Continue reading

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