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Hancock’s Response To The 1880 Election Results

As I’m writing this on the evening to November 4 to be published in the morning of the 5th, the modern presidential election remains undecided. I’ve spent the day keeping an eye on projections and results until my head was … Continue reading

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The 1858 New Orleans Mayoral Election

This article was co-written with Michael Kraemer, a PhD student at The Ohio State University In 1803, the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoléon Bonaparte. It contained many independent Native American nations, as well as New Orleans, which … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 11/4-11/10/19

It’s election season, so…in your opinion, which presidential election—1860 or 1864—proves to be the greater turning point in U.S. History? Why?

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1860’s Politics: The Ohio Election that “Saved the Union”

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome guest author David T. Dixon The current presidential contest reminds us that politics is indeed a blood sport. Those expressing regret that negative campaign ads and nasty election rhetoric are unfortunate indicators of … Continue reading

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Long Abraham Lincoln a Little Longer: Soldier Voting in the Election of 1864

With the fall midterm state elections upon us once again, I thought perhaps we should look back at some of the things that made the elections of 1864 so important a part of the eventual Union victory in 1865. ECW … Continue reading

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