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Question of the Week: 11/4-11/10/19

It’s election season, so…in your opinion, which presidential election—1860 or 1864—proves to be the greater turning point in U.S. History? Why?

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1860’s Politics: The Ohio Election that “Saved the Union”

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome guest author David T. Dixon The current presidential contest reminds us that politics is indeed a blood sport. Those expressing regret that negative campaign ads and nasty election rhetoric are unfortunate indicators of … Continue reading

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Long Abraham Lincoln a Little Longer: Soldier Voting in the Election of 1864

With the fall midterm state elections upon us once again, I thought perhaps we should look back at some of the things that made the elections of 1864 so important a part of the eventual Union victory in 1865. ECW … Continue reading

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