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A Box of Hellmira

It’s always exciting to have a box of new ECW books show up on my doorstep. The latest package, arrived this week, was filled with Derek Maxfield’s new entry in the ECW Series, Hellmira: The Union’s Most Infamous Civil War … Continue reading

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The Trust’s 2019 Teacher Institute: The Great Humanitarian Crisis of the War—Civil War Prisons

As a college professor, I don’t have to sit through many lectures (and I seldom, if ever, actually give any, preferring discussion-based lessons instead). So, it’s been a while since I’ve sat through a lecture and even longer since I’ve … Continue reading

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Day Two: Andersonville

Part four in a series Two weeks ago, I discovered I had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War. This was big news for me because, according to family history on both sides, my ancestors were immigrants who came … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Gets Personal

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Derek Maxfield. “There it is,” I said to a companion.  “There is his name,” I said as I stared up at the bronze letters on the Pennsylvania monument, “That is my … Continue reading

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Escape from Hellmira!

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Confederate prisoners being held in Elmira Prison in upstate New York started construction on a tunnel that would allow ten men to burrow their way to freedom. It was the only one of … Continue reading

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Who Do You Remember?

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Remembering “Hellmira”

Katie Logothetis’ series about Fredericksburg National Cemetery inspired a stop at Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, NY, where Confederate POWs who died at the Elmira prison camp are buried.

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The Dead of “Hellmira”

A few weeks ago, I visited the former site of the Civil War prison in Elmira, New York. At the time, I recalled a quote from David Blight’s Race and Reunion, which said, “The infamous sites of Civil War prisons…were … Continue reading

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“Hellmira”—a Place of “Terrible Memory,” Nearly Forgotten

Driving through Elmira, New York, last week, a comment from David Blight’s Race and Reunion sprang to mind. In the book, he quotes Clay MacCauley, a veteran from Rhode Island: “The infamous sites of Civil War prisons, [MacCauley] wrote, were … Continue reading

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