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Re-evaluating Ezra Carman, Pt. 2: Georgians in the East Woods

ECW welcomes back Chris Bryan (Part 1 of Re-evaluating Ezra Carman can be read here.) During Brig. Gen. John Bell Hood’s counterattack at Antietam, the 4th Alabama became increasingly detached from its brigade by fences while it advanced along the … Continue reading

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Re-evaluating Ezra Carman: Triangulating the 2nd South Carolina’s Second Assault at Antietam

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Chris Bryan… Ezra Ayers Carman, who commanded the 13th New Jersey at Antietam, wrote a seminal work on the Maryland Campaign based upon correspondences with veterans during the 1890s and 1900s. It is … Continue reading

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Maj. Hilary Herbert’s Antietam After-Action Report

While the actions of Richard H. Anderson’s division on September 17, 1862 are generally known, pinning down specifics has always been difficult. Mostly, that is due to the fact that only one after-action report from the entire division (and it … Continue reading

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David Reed: Shiloh’s Veteran Historian

Gettysburg has John Bachelder. Antietam has Ezra Carman. Shiloh has David Reed. Each of these men forever influenced the battlefields they devoted their lives to documenting. Two of them–Carman and Reed–participated in the battles they studied. I’ll admit, Carman and … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Volume III: Shepherdstown Ford and the End of the Campaign”

Mere months after the bloodletting subsided on the Antietam battlefield, participant Ezra Carman began collecting materials for a history of the Maryland Campaign.  It proved to be his life’s work.  When Carman died in 1909, his 1,800 page handwritten tome … Continue reading

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Disease: A Tale of Two Regiments (Part 2)

We are happy to welcome back Jim Sundman for part 2 of his Disease series. In late October 1862 my ancestor Garrett Bush deserted his regiment while it was encamped on Maryland Heights across from Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Bush was … Continue reading

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And Your Age Is?

Today we welcome guest author Jim Sundman. When future New Jersey governor Franklin Murphy walked into a recruiting office for the 13th New Jersey Volunteers in Newark on July 19, 1862, he told the enlistment officer he was eighteen, the … Continue reading

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