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Mother’s Intuition or Family Lore?

Growing up, my mother always claimed that she had “eyes in the back of her head” in which she could see myself or my two siblings acting mischievously. No matter how much I looked and stared, I could never locate … Continue reading

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“The fairest of targets…” June 3, 1864

“Chip, chip, chip” rang out in the predawn darkness along the stretch of lines held by Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. An incessant chipping sound as metal object, mostly axes, cut into Virginia timber.

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The Battle of Dallas: “The Massacre of Noble Men”

The situation in “The Hell Hole” was misery. To lift your head above the trench top was inviting certain death, and the stench and humidity were becoming overwhelming in the late-May heat. Twice Sherman attempted assaults, and twice they were … Continue reading

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