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Philip Cook

“Tales From the Tombstone“ On one website chronicling the history of Georgia, the opening sentence to the biography of Brigadier General Philip Cook read simply: “Perhaps the most remarkable feat of this Madison County lawyer was his rise in the … Continue reading

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The Civilian Conservation Corps at Petersburg National Battlefield

ECW welcomes back guest author Abbi Smithmyer Petersburg National Battlefield is the site where the longest military event of the American Civil War took place. While the vast majority of the visitors who come to the battlefield seek out stories … Continue reading

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Capturing a Brigadier General at Fort Stedman

ECW welcomes guest author Tim Talbott Today, Petersburg National Battlefield’s Fort Stedman is the epitome of peacefulness. But on the early morning of March 25, 1865, it was anything but pacific. It was the roiling scene of two desperate armies; … Continue reading

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McClellan’s Brother

The official reports from the Sixth Corps are woefully incomplete for the 1864 Overland Campaign. Many officers waited until the fall to write and by then the entire organization had seen significant change, eliminating any chance for full reports. After … Continue reading

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Time to Talk (Civil War) Books: A Conversation with Marc Ramsey—part four

Part four of five In yesterday’s segment of my interview with bookseller Marc Ramsey of Owens & Ramsey Booksellers, he mentioned a recent book panel he served on where he doled out his best-book recommendations for 2016. But now, he said, … Continue reading

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“The best dispatch you can show me”: Lincoln Reviews the Fort Stedman Prisoners

“The time had arrived when all, from Generals Grant and Meade to those of the rank and file, were conscious that the final struggle was near,” claimed a Vermont soldier in late March 1865. The Union noose around Petersburg slowly … Continue reading

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The Letters of William Child

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Dan Welch. When we last left William Child, assistant surgeon in the 5th New Hampshire Veteran Volunteer Infantry, he had written a letter home to his wife in mid-October 1864.  From the … Continue reading

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The Siege of Petersburg: The 1st Maine Heavies

During the Spotsylvania sesquicentennial, I called particular attention to the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, which saw its first major combat of the war at the battle of Harris Farm on May 19. Members of the unit called Harris Farm their … Continue reading

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The Tasmanian Devil of the Western Front

Military history is full of examples of individuals tending to exaggerate their influence on the outcome of an engagement. One needs to look no further than Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain or Philip H. Sheridan at Petersburg to see such evidence. But … Continue reading

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