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Carving Tonight On the Old Camp Ground: A Hallowe’en Experience

          Everyone has his or her favorite memory of fall and of Hallowe’en. Perhaps it was a costume, or maybe the camaraderie of trick-or-treating. Maybe it was just the cooler air and the earlier, somehow darker … Continue reading

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No NPS? No Problem! Fort Tejon State Park Ghost Walk!

The national park closures have turned out to be great for the state park systems. I live in California, and our local news featured several interesting events at our state parks themed for Hallowe’en. California is a big place, and … Continue reading

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No Way! Arizona? The Battle of Picacho Pass…Part 2

Part two in a series. As the infant Confederacy crawled its way west out of Texas and into New Mexico Territory, California had other plans.  The Golden State was not going to join the Confederacy, despite inflamed rumors from the … Continue reading

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