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If Grant Goes East, I Will Follow…

On November 12, I boarded a plane at 5:30 PM, heading from Kansas City, Missouri to Richmond, Virginia. I did not arrive until 1 AM the following morning. Grant once told Meade, “Wherever Lee goes, you will follow.”[1] Therefore, I … Continue reading

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“To destroy this kind of theology”: Federals in the Fox House

On May 24, 1864, after Winfield Scott Hancock’s II Corps had crossed the North Anna River and then avoided a Confederate trap, Hancock’s men threw up lines of works to protect themselves. One of the lines near the front “took … Continue reading

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A Walk Around the Fox House at North Anna

On this date, May 23, in 1864, Ulysses S. Grant rudely interrupted an afternoon glass of buttermilk Robert E. Lee was enjoying on the porch of the Fox house, just south of the North Anna River. By the end of … Continue reading

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The Fox House at the North Anna River

On May 23, 1864–155 years ago today–Robert E. Lee sat on the porch of Rev. Thomas Fox’s home, drinking a glass of buttermilk, when Federals appeared on the north bank of the North Anna River a half a mile to … Continue reading

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At the Heart of North Anna Battlefield

The Civil War Trust announced this week an opportunity to preserve 126 acres of the North Anna Battlefield, including the key site of the historic Fox House. U.S. 1 South descends in a smooth, straight line from the north bank … Continue reading

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