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Reconsidering Barlow’s Knoll

The First Division of the Eleventh Corps of the Army of the Potomac arrived in Gettysburg on the afternoon of July 1, 1863. Only 29 years old, Brigadier General Francis Barlow commanded the division. He resented the men he commanded, … Continue reading

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Why is Barlow on Little Round Top?

Eager to step into the shade, I climbed into the 44th New York Monument at Gettysburg which poises on the southwestern edge of Little Round Top. It’s the largest regimental monument on the battlefield and is shaped like a mini … Continue reading

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Petersburg Day Two: Thursday, June 16, 1864

On the night of June 15, P.G.T. Beauregard sent Robert E. Lee a letter, which was received at 2:00 a.m., explaining the situation and asking him to cover the Howlett Line. Unfortunately, the letter failed to convey the desperation of … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment…Or Recruiting A Future General

It officially began with a terse note to a friend: The time has come, remember your promise. Meet me at Delmonico’s at four o’clock to-day, Saturday, and we will enlist. F.C. Barlow[i] It ended four years later, and the author … Continue reading

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General Barlow “Seated In A Cherry Tree”

You’ve probably heard the story that “Stonewall” Jackson liked to eat lemons. Why don’t we pay as much attention to the favorite fruits of other generals? Probably because it just isn’t well documented. However, I’ve come across some evidence that … Continue reading

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Civil War Cooking: Officers’ Mess Breakfast with the 61st New York

After the Army of the Potomac fell back from the gates of Richmond during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, it settled around Harrison Landing on the James River. Here, the soldiers and officers in blue waited through the blazing summer … Continue reading

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“Face Us In The Right Direction”

The inky black darkness, slippery trail through the woods, and water droplets falling from the foliage added to the misery of the night march over unfamiliar terrain on the night of May 11, 1864. The marching column halted frequently in … Continue reading

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General Francis Barlow and The Letters He Destroyed on July 1, 1863

General Francis C. Barlow placed his division of the Union XI Corps on a rise of high ground, north of the town of Gettysburg. Without adequate reinforcements to anchor a defensive line, his exposed troops took the brunt of the … Continue reading

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Arabella Barlow: A General’s Wife, Nurse & Sacrifice (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of an article published yesterday “In the crowd of ambulances, army wagons, beef-cattle, staff officers, recruits, kicking mules and so on, who should turn up but Mrs. Arabella Barlow, nee Griffith, unattended, but serene and self-possessed … Continue reading

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Arabella Barlow: A General’s Wife, Nurse & Sacrifice (Part 1)

Arabella has been seriously ill, but the fever is broken & in time she will be well again…[i] wrote General Francis Barlow from the siege lines at Petersburg during the summer of 1864. Anxiety still nagged, despite the confident words; … Continue reading

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