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The Mud Creek Line-Remembering What the Soldiers Forgot

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Bobby Novak When one thinks about 1864, the cities of Petersburg, Richmond, and Atlanta all come to mind, capped by Sherman’s March to the Sea. The battles for Atlanta happened nearly right … Continue reading

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The Kennesaw Line: In Memory of Frederick Bartleson

We all have our stories—some of them are long, some are short—and we all have our graves. Thus 150 years ago today, one of my favorite stories from the Civil War ended on the Kennesaw Line, that being the life … Continue reading

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The Road to Atlanta: The Fight for the Latimar House

On the afternoon of June 16, Union Cavalry and part of John Schofield’s XXIII Corps carried part of the Confederate line at and near Lost Mountain, making the rest of Johnston’s line west of Pine Mountain untenable. Johnston ordered Hardee … Continue reading

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