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Now Available: The Summer of ’63: Gettysburg

When we published the first book in the Emerging Civil War Series, Simply Murder: The Battle of Fredericksburg, back in December 2012, I remember a reviewer saying how glad he was that we started the series with something other than … Continue reading

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BookChat with Tom McMillan, author of Armistead and Hancock

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with the new book by author Tom McMillan, Armistead and Hancock: Behind the Legend of Two Friends at the Turning Point of the Civil War (Stackpole Books, 2021). You can find out … Continue reading

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Charles Henry Veil, John Reynolds, and the Johnstown Flood

Following the death of Maj. Gen. John Reynolds on the first day of the battle of Gettysburg, staff member Charles Henry Veil was tasked with recovering Reynolds’s body. Veil’s involvement in that mission would end with a strange postscript, years … Continue reading

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An Update on the Adams County Historical Society’s New Exhibit Gallery, Archives, and Education Center

With the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg coming up next weekend, we thought we’d check in with our friends at the Adams County Historical Society to see how they were coming along on the construction of their new Exhibit … Continue reading

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Recruiting the Regiment: The 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry

Eight days after the rebel bombardment of Fort Sumter, Daniel White, a resident of Bangor, Maine, wrote a letter to his governor. “I have the honor to inform you that at a meeting of the Ex-Tiger & Armory Associates,” White … Continue reading

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A Radical Gettysburg Address

President Abraham Lincoln’s two-minute remarks during the dedication of the Soldiers’ Cemetery at Gettysburg on November 19, 1863 may be the most heralded words ever delivered in the English language. For nearly 160 years, the legacy and mythology surrounding that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Imperfect Union: A Father’s Search for his Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

Imperfect Union: A Father’s Search for his Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg By Chuck Raasch Stackpole Books, 2016, $24.95 (2021 paperback reprinting) Reviewed by Bert Dunkerly Author Chuck Raasch brings us a unique angle on Gettysburg, … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 4/26-5/2/21

In your opinion, what’s the most important piece of high ground at Gettysburg? And why is it important than others?

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Maine at War: March 2021

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in March at his blog, Maine at War: March 3, 2021: Super Horse meets his Gettysburg kryptonite As James Longstreet’s attack pounds III Corps at Gettysburg, Union artillery commander Lt. Col. … Continue reading

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Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part six)

conclusion of a series We wrap up our series with Licensed Battlefield Guide Sue Boardman today on the backside of the Pennsylvania Memorial, where we tried to find what shelter we could from the wind that bedeviled us all day. … Continue reading

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