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CW & Pop Culture: Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 2

Alright, having established the novel and movie’s takes on the reports of Gettysburg, let’s talk in more depth about how Gone With The Wind deals with these scenes and how there’s an influence of and influence on pop-culture.

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CW & Pop Culture: Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 1

For this entire series, I’ve been contemplating what I should write about Gone With The Wind. There’s a lot I’d still like to say that didn’t make it in the essay in Entertaining History. There’s a lot I’m still thinking … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: The Margaret Mitchell House

I think there’s a kinship of writers and authors across the centuries. Everyone who has labored over a manuscript has gone through the same experience, though experienced the process in different ways. I have a fascination with the stories of … Continue reading

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Ancestors of Two Twentieth-Century Hollywood Influences Clash in Antietam’s Cornfield

Some of the most popular movies portraying the Civil War appeared on the big screen in the era before and during the centennial anniversary of the conflict. Two of those films include Gone with the Wind (1939), based on Margaret … Continue reading

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The Eternal Flame of the Confederacy

Today there is not much tangible Civil War history in Atlanta, its battlefields largely paved over and few antebellum buildings surviving the war. Yet Atlanta has something unique: an Eternal Flame of the Confederacy. The term “Eternal Flame” conjures up … Continue reading

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Hangry: Hunger in the Civil War

ECW welcomes guest author Katie Brown “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!”[1] Scarlett O’Hara’s famous declaration from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind is one of the most well-known lines from the story and movie. It’s … Continue reading

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On Watching Gone with the Wind in 2018

Patricia Dawn Chick (born Acker) was my mother. Her favorite movie was Gone with the Wind. It might seem odd since she was from Indiana, but her roots went back to the Dossett family of Kentucky. They were ripped apart … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Caroline Janney (part one)

(part one of four) March is Women’s History Month, and to commemorate the event, Emerging Civil War is talking with several women who work in the field of Civil War history. This week, ECW Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski talks with one … Continue reading

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Turning Points: Gone With The Wind

December 15, 1939, marked a turning in interpretation and image of the American Civil War. Perhaps one could argue that the turning point had started earlier in 1936 when the novel that inspired the movie hit shelves across the nation, … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/17-10/23/16

Join the fun… Meg Groeling and Sarah Kay Bierle were talking about quote-able lines from movies. So here’s some Civil War pop-culture: What’s your favorite quote-able line from Gone With The Wind?

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