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The State of A.P. Hill’s Physical Remains

Most of Richmond’s monuments no longer stand where Confederate organizations placed them in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Protesters pulled down several, including Jefferson Davis and Williams Wickham, and the city expedited the removal of the remainder in … Continue reading

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Brown’s Island Victims

The worst war-time disaster to strike the Confederate home front occurred on March 13, 1863. An explosion rocked the Confederate Laboratory on Brown’s Island in the James River, in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. My research indicates that ten were … Continue reading

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Time to Talk (Civil War) Books: A Conversation with Marc Ramsey—part five

Part five of five In today’s final installment of my conversation with Marc Ramsey of Owens & Ramsey Bookseller, we talk a bit about the overall health of the book business and how that impacts Marc as a specialized seller. … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Congressional Cemetery

Cemeteries have always been a place designed to bring people together. While that may sound strange at first, the concept allows one to get a glimpse into the life of average 19th-century Americans. With many burgeoning cities throughout the country, … Continue reading

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Remembering Dick Garnett

I suspect I’m not the only kid during the Centennial who pored through Ezra J. Warner’s Generals in Gray (1959). My copy of this fine old standard had fallen into such bad shape through constant use that fully thirty years … Continue reading

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John Tyler: The Brief Civil War Career of Virginia’s Elder Statesman

The grave of James Monroe sits in a cage on the crown of a knoll in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. The ornate metalwork that holds him in looks like an oversized birdcage, although whether it’s to keep grave robbers from plundering Monroe’s sarcophagus … Continue reading

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Essex County’s Native Sons

Approximately 45 miles southeast of Fredericksburg, Virginia, sits the town of Tappahannock. The name originates from the Algonquian word lappihane (or, it has also been noted, toppehannock). When translated, it means roughly “Town on the rise and fall of water.” The town is better … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all the writers here at Emerging Civil War!

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