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Book Review: Marriage on the Border

Marriage on the Border: Love, Mutuality, and Divorce in the Upper South during the Civil War By Allison Dorothy Fredette University Press of Kentucky, 2020, $60 hardcover   Reviewed by Meg Groeling   Allison Dorothy Fredette’s Marriage on the Border: Love, … Continue reading

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Auntie Kearney’s Mid-Century Tavern

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Francesca Costa… At the Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey, visitors enjoy hiking trails and kayaking on the Hudson. Every weekend, people are surprised by the historic Kearney House they stumble across, because few … Continue reading

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Enemy on the Georgia Home Front

Wesley Shropshire returned home from the secession convention in Milledgeville, Georgia dejected and distressed. Once final passage of the secession ordinance was certain, most Union delegates changed their votes to give the measure more force, but not Shropshire. He departed … Continue reading

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“Angry Enough to Give Them Battle”: Hungry Civilians and Soldiers Fight Over Food

ECW welcomes Katie Brown to share Part 3 of her research. (Find the previous posts here.) Hunger was an omnipresent force that haunted almost everyone in Civil War America. One of the most troubling aspects of hunger was its impact … Continue reading

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Hangry: Hunger in the Civil War

ECW welcomes guest author Katie Brown “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!”[1] Scarlett O’Hara’s famous declaration from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind is one of the most well-known lines from the story and movie. It’s … Continue reading

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“The Lively Old Lady” – A Poem About Civil War Knitting

Yesterday, I sat in an archive basement, looking through material about women’s efforts to support the Union during the Civil War. Yesterday was also my Grandma Barbara’s birthday. She is no longer with us, so it was a bittersweet moment … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 1863: A “vivid contrast” between home and the front

In 1863, Thanksgiving fell on November 26. That morning, as the rest of the country was preparing for roast turkey and fat puddings and homemade pies, the Army of the Potomac, encamped around Brandy Station, Virginia, rumbled to life for … Continue reading

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“The Homespun Dress”

A couple days ago, I shared some poetry reflecting on the roles of Northern women who “went to the field.” Today, I thought it would be fair to feature a Southern poem/song for the ladies. At first glance, The Homespun … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’: Want A Doughnut?

Doughnuts! Right now, I can’t imagine a better food to discuss on a Saturday morning. I usually associate doughnuts with World War I history, so imagine my surprise when I found an account about civilian ladies during the Civil War … Continue reading

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A War to Remember: How I found the Civil War where I least expected

After two years of living in the heart of Civil War country (aka central Virginia) and playing park ranger, I was done with the Civil War. I had studied history in college and really became fascinated by 19th century American … Continue reading

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