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Dinner with Charles Gould and Horatio Wright

I am always amazed at the amount of source material that is out there for historians who are willing to mine the depths of the treasure troves at our disposal. I had keyword searched “Fort Welch” on Newspapers.com in hopes … Continue reading

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Breakthrough at Petersburg: “April Fool, Johnnies!”

After the thrilling Union victory at Five Forks on April 1, Lt. Col. Horace Porter raced back with a report to Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s headquarters near Dabney’s Mill. He swiftly picked his way through the mess behind the … Continue reading

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“Scared Ol’ Abe Like Hell”: The Battle of Fort Stevens

They were not much to look at: a ragtag, dust caked, mostly shoe-less, begrimed bunch of tanned soldiers carrying rifles and shuffling toward Washington D.C. But, they represented a big threat. Especially in the summer of 1864. They were not … Continue reading

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Palmetto Sentinels

The spring rainfall has covered the central Virginia forests with a lush vegetation that unfortunately obscures many of the physical features that define a battlefield. In attempt to restore some of these viewsheds, I undertook a recent project to clear some … Continue reading

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A General Remembered: Lew Wallace after the Battle of Monocacy

A guest post by Ryan Quint, part three of a series. After his defeat at the Battle of Monocacy, Major General Lew Wallace retreated back towards Baltimore. His force, badly outnumbered by Confederate troops under the command of Lieutenant General … Continue reading

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The Tasmanian Devil of the Western Front

Military history is full of examples of individuals tending to exaggerate their influence on the outcome of an engagement. One needs to look no further than Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain or Philip H. Sheridan at Petersburg to see such evidence. But … Continue reading

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