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First Experiences Under Fire: An Introduction

As 2021 continues as the 160th Anniversary of the first year of the American Civil War, Emerging Civil War is launching a new blog series to examine a theme subject. “First Experiences Under Fire” will be taking a closer look … Continue reading

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Fallen Leaders: Introduction

This week of the 2021 ECW Symposium we’re starting a new series on the blog and taking inspiration from the event’s theme: Fallen Leaders of the Civil War. Over the next weeks we’ll be sharing accounts of leaders who fell … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: An Introduction

There’s a new series coming to the Emerging Civil War blog for the 160th Anniversary of the American Civil War. Both north and south spent the spring and early summer months of 1861 recruiting and training volunteer regiments. Recruiting The … Continue reading

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On The Eve of War: An Introduction

What was it like in cities and town or what it it look like at soon-to-be-famous landmarks and sites in 1861 before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter? Over the next few weeks, the ECW authors will be … Continue reading

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What We’ve Learned: Introduction

In case you haven’t checked the calendar recently, 2020 is nearly finished and 2021 is ready to dawn. For the Civil War history crowd that means the 160th Anniversary of that conflict and all the social, political, and cultural changes … Continue reading

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Home Libraries: An Introduction

We’re kicking off a new blog series this autumn at Emerging Civil War! Have you noticed that many bookshelves have been featured in the backgrounds of Zoom calls this year? Among some cliques, “book shelfies” are also a trending thing … Continue reading

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Ending The War: An Introduction

Emerging Civil War is pleased to announce a new series for April 2020, focusing on history surrounding the ending of the Civil War. We’ll be sharing posts from our large archives and new content from our authors with information about … Continue reading

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The Civil War and Pop Culture: An Introduction

It’s a new year, and there’s a new book ready shipping soon from Southern Illinois University Press, adding another volume to the Engaging The Civil War Series! We’ve been working on this project for several years, and the ECW authors … Continue reading

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John Brown’s Raid 160th: An Introduction

One hundred and sixty years ago this month (October 2019), twenty-two men embarked on a mission that shocked the nation and accelerated the rush toward Civil War. The event is now popularly called “John Brown’s Raid” and is viewed as … Continue reading

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Primary Sources: An Introduction

Primary Source – a document, book etc that contains information that has been obtained from people’s experiences and not taken from other documents, books etc (Longman Dictionary, online) We’re very pleased to start our first official blog series for 2019, and we’ll be taking you on … Continue reading

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