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Site of Stonewall Jackson’s Death Gets New Name

A subtle but important change is underway at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park (FSNMP): the site where Stonewall Jackson died is getting renamed. The building formerly known as the Stonewall Jackson Shrine will henceforth be officially referred to as … Continue reading

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Challenging an Assumption About Stonewall Jackson’s Death

Those of us who tell the story of Stonewall Jackson’s death are often asked to share our thoughts on what might have happened had Jackson lived. (I usually respond by challenging the basis of the question, as I’ve explained here … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: A Few Favorite Photos

I’m fortunate that I get to take a lot of pictures. While I’m intense about my writing, I’m relaxed about my photography. I’m not fancy about. I also find it a wonderful excuse to challenge myself to see a battlefield … Continue reading

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Interpretation vs Stewardship: A Conundrum at the Jackson Shrine

Death Day at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine—May 10—always brings out some colorful characters, which is one of the reasons I enjoy working there so much on the anniversary of Jackson’s death. This year it was no different. A fellow showed … Continue reading

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My Call to Arms: A Look Back at My Overland Campaign

What no one ever tells you about being an author is that it mostly involves schlepping a lot of books from place to place. Sure, there’s some writing involved (and, oh, if only I had time to do more!), but … Continue reading

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The Story of Stephwall

As Emerging Civil War continues its coverage of the 150th anniversary of Chancellorsville and the death of Stonewall Jackson, we’re pleased to bring you a guest post from Stonewall devotee Steph Mackowski.  As a four year old who had just … Continue reading

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Shaping Chancellorsville: The first reenactment and ‘The Last Meeting’

part five in a series In 1933, administration of the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park was turned over to the National Park Service, and shortly thereafter, the NPS invited the Civilian Conservation Corps to come in to the park … Continue reading

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The Fourth of July and the Death of Independence

Just before the Fourth of July last year, I happened to work at the Jackson Shrine. Here’s a piece I wrote in response to that experience, originally published last year at another blog I write for, Scholars & Rogues. The … Continue reading

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“If Jackson hadn’t gotten shot”: Why There’s No Point in Refighting Gettysburg

“That old house witnessed the downfall of the Southern Confederacy,” said former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George after visiting the Stonewall Jackson Shrine in 1923. “No doubt the history of America would have to be rewritten has ‘Stonewall’ Jackson … Continue reading

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The Sound of History at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine

“What do you like best about working here at the Shrine?” a colleague asks. I’m gazing through wavy panes of imperfect glass out toward the parking lot, looking for signs of visitors on this Saturday morning. It’s nearly eleven, and … Continue reading

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