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FREE ECW Podcast: Jackson’s Wounding

Chris Mackowski, Rob Orrison, and Kris White have been preparing a surprise! There’s a new ECW Podcast episode about “Stonewall” Jackson’s wounding on the night of May 2, 1863, at Chancellorsville. And it’s available for FREE. Just head over the … Continue reading

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The Seniormost Deaths

Today in 1862, Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston was mortally wounded at the head of his troops during the Battle of Shiloh (or Pittsburg Landing). A plaque on the battlefield, placed by the War Department shortly after the park’s founding, … Continue reading

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The Woundings of Jackson and Longstreet

The circumstances were eerily similar: both Confederate lieutenant generals had led successful flank attacks through the dark, close woods of the Wilderness when they were accidentally shot by their own men. For both Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet, it seemed … Continue reading

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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Jackson at Chancellorsville

In early 1887, as fans of Union General John Sedgwick prepared to raise a monument to him at the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield, local residents got to wondering about erecting a monument of their own to a fallen Southern general. … Continue reading

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Jackson’s Wounding: The Best Thing to Happen to Lee at Chancellorsville

I made a somewhat inflammatory comment the other day that—although I didn’t realize it until I said it—I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last decade or so: “Stonewall Jackson’s wounding was probably the best thing that happened to … Continue reading

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On Location: Where Stonewall Jackson Got Shot

I’m On Location at Chancellorsville once again—this time at the scene of one of the most famous incidences of the war. Stonewall Jackson, riding along the Mountain Road, was accidentally shot by his own men—and we’ve been talking about it … Continue reading

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“VMI Will Be Heard From Today”

“You may go forward, then.” With those five words, Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson ordered Brigadier General Robert Rodes’ division forward. As Jackson had said earlier on the May 2, 1863, the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) would be heard from that … Continue reading

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Shaping Chancellorsville: The first memory memorialized on the field

part two in a series The first effort to mark out events on the Chancellorsville Battlefield came as early at 1883, although some accounts suggest it happened as early as 1876. Former members of Stonewall Jackson’s staff placed a large … Continue reading

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The New Face of an Old Road

On May 2, Kathleen Logothetis offered a look at the Mountain Road–the location where Stonewall Jackson was accidentally wounded by his own men during the Battle of Chancellorsville. As visitors to Chancellorsville this spring may have noticed, however, the Mountain … Continue reading

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“If Jackson hadn’t gotten shot”: Facing the Counterfactual Specter of Stonewall Jackson’s Wounding

Imagine a grave tone of voice, a rueful shake of the head: “Oh, if Jackson hadn’t gotten shot….” Sometimes, the phrase gets stated in the form of certainty: “If Jackson hadn’t gotten shot…” or even, “If Jackson had lived….” The … Continue reading

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