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Recruiting The Regiment…Or Recruiting A Future General

It officially began with a terse note to a friend: The time has come, remember your promise. Meet me at Delmonico’s at four o’clock to-day, Saturday, and we will enlist. F.C. Barlow[i] It ended four years later, and the author … Continue reading

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Guess The Commander For The War’s End?

The following excerpt is from James A. Scrymser’s reminiscence about the Civil War. Scrymser was a member of the 7th New York and, postwar, a telegraph cable pioneer. I’m very curious to see what readers think about the incident and … Continue reading

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Conspiracy – Civil War Style?

In a year with an exceptional plethora of “tell-all” books and a variety of conspiracy theories from multiple sides and perspectives, old historical sources never fail to add a little perspective and humor. While seeking an escape from the election … Continue reading

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Send In The Plumbers?

Reading through James A. Scrymser’s reminiscences, I found this delightful account of when some volunteer plumbers were called to the White House in 1861. Before turning it over to the original writer, it is helpful to note that the “water-back” … Continue reading

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