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Fanny Gordon, Fanny Andrews

The wife of a certain gallant Confederate General compromised nothing of feminine dignity when she rushed through the streets of Winchester, regardless of Yankee shot and shell, striving to rally her husband’s flying columns. We’ve all got some good Civil … Continue reading

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Monuments, Mass Demonstrations, Race, and Reconstruction

(Editor’s Note: The conversations we’ve had on the blog this week about monuments, the recent mass demonstrations, and race have caused some readers to ask, “How does this help us better understand the Civil War?” In fact, the mission of … Continue reading

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Lee and Guerrilla Warfare

Two days before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, a council of officers in what was left of the bedraggled Army of Northern Virginia hashed out three possible options for Robert E. Lee to consider. General John Brown Gordon, who was not … Continue reading

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Drivers, Start Your Engines!

Stock car racing is often thought of as the quintessential Southern sport, and the average NASCAR (the National Association for Stock Car Racing) fan is, stereotypically, a Southern redneck with an accent as thick as blackstrap molasses. After all, in … Continue reading

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