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Morgan’s Magnificent March from Cumberland Gap

From his perch behind miles of stout defenses in Cumberland Gap, Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan could look daily into his enemy’s camp in front of him. Strangely though, Morgan had more to worry about beyond the enemy in front … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Buffington Island Battlefield

On July 18, 1863, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan reached Buffington Island at the Ohio River and hoped to cross his cavalry safely back to friendly territory after his most famous raid into Ohio. It had started over a month … Continue reading

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Damned Green Yanks: The 171st Ohio at Keller’s Bridge, Kentucky

ECW welcomes back guest author Dan Masters The morning of June 9, 1864 began like many mornings at the prisoner of war camp on Johnson’s Island near Sandusky, Ohio. Sea gulls flew over the camp as redwing blackbirds added their … Continue reading

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Black Bess (Re-)Visited

Last week, Steve Davis shared with us the story of “Black Bess,” John Hunt Morgan’s mare that was turned, by a sculptor’s whim, into a stallion. Because of Steve’s post, I decided to seek out the Morgan statue in Lexington, Kentucky, … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Black Bess

[Editor’s Note: With all that’s happening about Confederate monuments these days, it’s all right to remember a time when monuments to Confederate heroes became a source of humor.] Robert E. Lee had Traveller and Stonewall Jackson his Little Sorrel. Bedford … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Dave Roth (part three)

(part three in a five-part series) I’ve been talking this week with Blue & Gray Magazine editor Dave Roth, the recipient of this year’s Emerging Civil War Award for Service in Civil War Public History. Yesterday, he shared a few … Continue reading

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The Civil War In Cynthiana, Kentucky

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Darryl Smith Cynthiana and surrounding Harrison County, Kentucky, located just sixty miles south of Cincinnati along the Kentucky Central Railroad, was the scene of two engagements during the Civil War.  During the early summer … Continue reading

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The Great March From Cumberland Gap

Today in 1862 ended one of the epic marches in American military history, the evacuation of the Union garrison at Cumberland Gap to the Ohio River. The men, 7,000 under Brigadier General George W. Morgan, endured a test not often … Continue reading

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ECW Honors the Mahoning Valley (OH) Civil War Roundtable

As part of our fifth anniversary, Emerging Civil War is pleased to inaugurate a new Roundtable of the Year Award. The first recipient of this award is the Mahoning Valley Civil War Roundtable in Boardman, Ohio. “The folks with the … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Wild Wolf: The Great Civil War Rivalry, Colonel Frank Wolford”

The history of the Civil War is filled with larger-than-life figures who for four years were at the center of the great national drama. Their fight has filled thousands of books, and will, without a doubt, fill thousands more, but … Continue reading

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