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The Romney Expedition: Setting A Precedent

Part 4 of a series Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson’s response to Secretary of War Benjamin’s telegram ordering Loring’s command back to Winchester followed promptly the same day: Headquarters, Valley District January 31st, 1862 Hon. J.P. Benjamin, Sec. of War. … Continue reading

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Robert Dickey: Killer Turned Soldier

Henry St. Clair flew off the porch of Henry Bicksler’s tavern and shouted into the evening air, “God damn your soul, Bob Dickey, what did you hit me for?” Onlookers watched as Robert Dickey turned to face his accuser, and … Continue reading

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The Richmond Bread Riots, Conclusion

Today, we welcome back guest author, Ashley Webb. (part two of two) On April 1, several women met at Belvidere Hill Baptist Church in Oregon Hill, Richmond, to discuss their plans. Starting peacefully, the group planned to march through the … Continue reading

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