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The Trent Affair’s Diplomatic Winners and Losers

November and December 2021 mark the 160th anniversary of the Trent affair. Centered around Confederate diplomatic legitimacy, it caused controversy and embarrassment for the United States, the Confederacy, and United Kingdom, with some surprising winners and losers. In the fall … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: U.S. Congress Declares War

As the crow flew, about 1,000 miles separated Zachary Taylor’s forces along the Rio Grande and Washington, D.C. Waiting for word in Washington City, President James Polk grew impatient. A staunch expansionist, Polk ardently believed in the concept of Manifest … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War 170th: “A War Would Probably Be the Best Mode of Settling our Affairs with Mexico”

“I regret to say that everything looks unfavorable,” Topographical Engineer 2nd Lieutenant George G. Meade wrote on Feb. 18, 1846.[1] The 30-year old Meade was one of about 4,000 American soldiers and officers encamped around Corpus Christi, Texas, under the … Continue reading

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