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On Meade’s Mind, 152 Years Ago

George Gordon Meade had much on his mind as he waited for the train from Washington to arrive. Onboard, the general-in-chief of all Union armies, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, was coming from Washington to take his place with the … Continue reading

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Question of the Week—1/4-1/10/16

In the fall of 1863, as George Gordon Meade tried to grapple with the Army of Northern Virginia, his former III Corps commander, Dan Sickles, was back in Washington stirring up controversy: to cover his own blunder at Gettysburg on … Continue reading

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“If You Have Any Orders to Give Me, I am Prepared to Receive and Obey Them”: The Command Struggles of Gen. George Meade, September 1863-March 1864 (part II)

The second in a two-part series During the Bristoe Station Campaign, George Gordon Meade believed that Lee had been the superior general. “I am free to admit that in the playing of it he has got the advantage of me,” … Continue reading

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Review: A Little Short of Boats by James Morgan III

With the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Ball’s Bluff coming up, I wanted to take a minute to plug James Morgan’s fantastic little book about the battle, A Little Short of Boats: The Battles of Balls’ Bluff & Edwards … Continue reading

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Ball’s Bluff and the Fall of Charles Stone

Second in a series When Union forces tumbled into the Potomac River on the evening of October 21, 1861, following their rout at Ball’s Bluff, the disaster was just beginning. The ripples from that plunge would be felt all the way … Continue reading

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One of the Smallest–and Most Significant–Battles of the War

Once bodies started floating down the Potomac past Washington, it was tough for officials in the capital to overlook the battle at Ball’s Bluff. It was bad enough that the Union forces there had been soundly trounced. Of the 1,700 … Continue reading

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