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Battlefield Markers & Monuments: The Civil War Correspondents Memorial

Near the summit of Crampton’s Gap, driving up from the west, Gapland Road makes a quick curve due east before snaking over the top of South Mountain and curling down the far side. This last little juke, right next to … Continue reading

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Hints to Correspondents

This comes from the “The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same” file. The following newspaper submission guidelines appeared in the Portland, Maine, Daily Eastern Argus on May 10, 1864: Hints to Correspondents: The following simple rule for … Continue reading

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Book Review: “War With Mexico! America’s Reporters Cover The Battlefront”

Looking for a unique, historical angle on the Mexican-American War? Ever wondered when American war journalism “began”? “War With Mexico! America’s Reporters Cover The Battlefront” by Tom Reilly, edited by Manley Witten is an excellent book to add to your … Continue reading

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The Future of Civil War History: Chris Mackowski

The stereotypical newsroom once looked something like this: A haze of blue smoke hangs just under the florescent tube lights hanging from the ceiling of a wide open room filled with desks piled high with stacks of paper. Reporters with … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 2: Edwin Forbes

second in a series Edwin Forbes may very well be the new Winslow Homer. Although mainly forgotten about for many years (like almost 150), apparently there is a resurgence of interest in this artist’s work.  Many pieces are offered online, … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 1: Alfred Waud

first in a series In today’s world of instant messaging, instant downloads, iBooks, iPads, iPhones and iReporters, it is hard to imagine the difficulties of war reporting in the 1860s.  Embedded journalists, sending news by telegraph (some called it “the … Continue reading

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