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Flowers For Kate

Who is ready for the chilly weather to end? Can’t wait for those perfect seventy degree days and to see the tulips burst into bloom? Out here in Southern California, we got a spring heat wave for a couple days, and … Continue reading

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Civil War Cookin’: What To Do With Leftovers (According To Major Pendleton)

If you had a feast yesterday, there’s a good possibility you have left-overs today. You might not believe it, but I have a story about left-overs during the Civil War. First, let’s clarify – there wasn’t a lot of extra … Continue reading

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Traveling Advice: Don’t Forget To Look Left & Right

When I was a little kid, my mom would let me run across the street to get the mail. We didn’t live on a busy road, but she taught me road safety. First, listen. Then, look to the left, right, … Continue reading

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