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Planning the Assault on Kennesaw Mountain

After Kolb Farm, Sherman pushed and tested Johnston’s Lines at Kennesaw, but was unable to find a way to flank it. Frustrated, he decided it was time to attack the line he couldn’t outflank. He sent out orders to each … Continue reading

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The Kennesaw Line: A Casualty at Kolb Farm

Among those who fell under the iron hail at Kolb Farm was 40-year-old Colonel Calvin Harvey Walker of the 3rd Tennessee Infantry of Cook’s Tennessee Brigade. Walker, known to his men as “Old Ballie,” was described by a soldier in … Continue reading

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The Kennesaw Line: The Battle of Kolb Farm

The line defensive line that Joe Johnston established beneath the shadow of Kennesaw Mountain presented Sherman with the largest obstacle he had yet faced in his drive to Atlanta, and he noted that it was “unusually strong.” Johnston’s right flank … Continue reading

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