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Book Review: The Greatest Escape

The Greatest Escape: A True Civil War Adventure By Douglas Miller Lyons Press, 2016, $26.95 hardcover Reviewed by Doug Crenshaw Of the thousands of Federal officers who were imprisoned in Richmond’s notorious Libby prison, 109 made a daring attempt to … Continue reading

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Maine at War: February 2020

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in January at his blog, Maine at War: February 5, 2020: Joshua Chamberlain goes on a strange tramp After the army settles into its winter camps in Stafford County in late … Continue reading

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Captain John Hanson McNeill and the McNeill Rangers: Rebel Strike Force Supreme

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Richard Chapman When discussing great Confederate independent cavalry raiders in the Civil War, it seems that they have three parts to their name: General John Hunt Morgan, Colonel John Singleton Mosby, and … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: The Eagle Hotel and Christ Lutheran Church

Part of a Series. Contrary to popular belief, Old Dorm (also known as Schmucker Hall) at the Lutheran Theological Seminary was not Brigadier General John Buford’s headquarters on the night before the battle of Gettysburg. Buford actually stayed in downtown … Continue reading

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