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ECW Weekender: Managing Books

It’s a little different than the usual weekender feature, but it’s winter and apparently quite a few of the regular weekender writers have been super busy or staying home during winter storms… Let’s talk about managing book collections! Because that … Continue reading

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Home Libraries: Tending the Groeling Library

Anyone reading this who doesn’t love books? I thought not! But a book can be a harsh mistress. At some point, they can become overwhelming. The deaths of my parents–bibliophiles both–made it very clear that leaving my books for someone … Continue reading

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The Most Overlooked Phase of the Overland Campaign

I often wonder what motivates people to buy the Civil War books they do. Are they interested in learning something? Being entertained? Both? Do they want to hear their favorite story told one more time, maybe in a new way? … Continue reading

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My Top Ten List, or Building Your Civil War Library

“Everyman his own historian,[1]” is a quote bandied about in many classrooms, but it is rarely more true than when it is describing Civil War folk. I use the word folk because I have no wish to begin a Sumter-like … Continue reading

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