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An Update and Correction on Edmund Clarence Stedman

ECW welcomes back guest author Max Longley Here is a brief update to my recent George Gordon post – the abolitionist imprisoned for attacks on U. S. marshals who was released from prison based on a Presidential pardon in 1862. … Continue reading

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Robin Hood & The Civil War: “The Scott Effect” (Part 3)

Part of a series An old whaling ship was not the only example of Robin Hood’s name appearing in mid-19th Century America. In fact, a search for the English outlaw’s name in newspapers from the Civil War era turns up … Continue reading

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The Book I Threw (And Then Picked Up Again)

The first book I ever threw across a room? The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. (Assigned reading in high school literature class.) That afternoon started a little journey of reality and history…I just didn’t know it when I … Continue reading

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Charles Dickens, America, & The Civil War

If you look at lists or letters or diaries mentioning reading material from the mid-19th Century in America, you’ll likely find a book or two by British author Charles Dickens – if that reader enjoyed novels. Popular on both sides … Continue reading

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