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1861 in Gone With The Wind

On the 82nd anniversary of Gone With The Wind’s movie premiere in Atlanta (December 15, 1939), I thought it might be interesting to look at the book and movie’s treatment of the first year of the Civil War. For better … Continue reading

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Gone With The Wind: Some Thoughts (Part 4)

Part of a Series There are several ladies that I know who love Gone With The Wind. When I spent about a year researching the author, the novel, and the movie, I chatted with these women about why they liked … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: The Margaret Mitchell House

I think there’s a kinship of writers and authors across the centuries. Everyone who has labored over a manuscript has gone through the same experience, though experienced the process in different ways. I have a fascination with the stories of … Continue reading

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Ancestors of Two Twentieth-Century Hollywood Influences Clash in Antietam’s Cornfield

Some of the most popular movies portraying the Civil War appeared on the big screen in the era before and during the centennial anniversary of the conflict. Two of those films include Gone with the Wind (1939), based on Margaret … Continue reading

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Wah-Who-Eeee! … And The War Came to the Rebels, Part 2

Author Margaret Mitchel wrote her version of the sound of the rebel yell as “Wah-Who-Eeee,” and that was the sound heard throughout the Southern states when Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard opened his well-prepared cannon on shabby little Fort … Continue reading

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Turning Points: Gone With The Wind

December 15, 1939, marked a turning in interpretation and image of the American Civil War. Perhaps one could argue that the turning point had started earlier in 1936 when the novel that inspired the movie hit shelves across the nation, … Continue reading

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Favorite Childhood Civil War Books

We all have a favorite Civil War book which we read, and re-read, as a kid, which probably turned us on to the War as much as anything else. Well, one of my favorites, checked out of the Margaret Mitchell Elementary School … Continue reading

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Telling History vs. Making Art: “Frankly, my dear….”

Part three in a series As the horn section carries Max Steiner’s score from its overture into the sweeping, now-iconic strings of its main theme, Gone With the Wind opens with haggard-looking slaves returning from a hard day’s work set … Continue reading

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