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One Company Against Two Corps

June 3 always brings recollections of the 1864 battle of Cold Harbor. There, at least 1,100 Union soldiers were killed and 4,500 wounded in a bloody attack that Confederates easily repulsed in less than an hour. (7,000 is the usual … Continue reading

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Civil War Echoes: Mrs. Longstreet and the B-29

Of all American weapons produced in World War II, including the atomic bomb, the most expensive was the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Developing and producing the plane cost $3 billion and involved a massive industrial undertaking from plants in all regions … Continue reading

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The Kennesaw Line: Hell Breaks Loose in Georgia

The focus of General Thomas’s attack was the angle in the Confederate line manned by troops of Gen. Frank Cheatham’s Tennessee Division. Thomas intended to break the line and push on toward Marietta—a move that could rip Johnston’s army in … Continue reading

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Planning the Assault on Kennesaw Mountain

After Kolb Farm, Sherman pushed and tested Johnston’s Lines at Kennesaw, but was unable to find a way to flank it. Frustrated, he decided it was time to attack the line he couldn’t outflank. He sent out orders to each … Continue reading

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The Kennesaw Line: The Battle of Kolb Farm

The line defensive line that Joe Johnston established beneath the shadow of Kennesaw Mountain presented Sherman with the largest obstacle he had yet faced in his drive to Atlanta, and he noted that it was “unusually strong.” Johnston’s right flank … Continue reading

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