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Women: Preserving & Destroying Primary Sources

The world has no right to my heart… They don’t get to know what I said I’m burning the memories Yes, I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack too much (even though it’s not Civil War era), and “Burn” is an … Continue reading

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“And So We Took Fort Sumter”

April 6, 1861. The plot thickens. The air is red-hot with rumors. The mystery is to find out where these utterly groundless tales originate.[i] April 7, 1861. [Private section of the diary] News so warlike I quake. My husband speaks … Continue reading

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Mary Chesnut & The Royals, Part 2

Though Mary Chesnut occasionally wrote about Queen Victoria, her more colorfully written royal gossip centered on Louis Napoleon and Eugenie, the Emperor and Empress of France. Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis Napoleon (aka Napoleon III) presided as the first president … Continue reading

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Mary Chesnut & The Royals, Part 1

Mary Chesnut—the famous Southern diarist—loved to keep up with the news and that included international matters. True, she spent a lot of time following rumors and speculating if or when a European power would aid the Confederacy, but there was … Continue reading

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A Gem from the Gilder Lehrman

A century and a half after the war, we’re still finding cool stuff. I’ll give an example from my new book, Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta: John Bell Hood (Mercer, 2019). In my research I was perusing Kirk … Continue reading

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Fact vs Interpretation at the Bloody Lane

There is a movement afoot to reinterpret key parts of the Maryland Campaign. In some cases, battlefield interpretation is being changed or removed based on new sources and/or new perspectives. I am all for reexamining history based on new or … Continue reading

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Of Dawn & Dusk, Beginnings & Endings

Wait for it. Dawn creeps along the horizon. The coming day is foretold with growing light, long before the sun’s disk crests the horizon. Like a saga of history – an event long looming on time’s horizon, then bursting suddenly … Continue reading

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On To Appomattox…

As the days passed and the armies slogged forward in the days after the breakthrough at Petersburg, civilian and soldier alike sensed a coming end of the Army of Northern Virginia. Through the week, Union cavalry and infantry cut off … Continue reading

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Civil War News‘s November Annual “Book Issue”

I happen to be Book Review Editor for Civil War News, the nation’s monthly newspaper for enthusiasts. For our November issue I helped CWN Publisher Jack Melton plan some nifty features for the issue. 

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: The Wounding Site of Daniel Sickles

Part of a series. Major General Daniel Sickles was the wild card in the Army of the Potomac, and a survivor. Sickles was a prewar lawyer and politician who was tried, and acquitted for, the murder of Philip Barton Key … Continue reading

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