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The Ends of the War in Rectortown

I’ve come to Rectortown, Virginia, looking for one end of the war, but I’ve unexpectedly found several. (The anniversary of one of them is today, April 21, as it happened.) Thick puffs of clouds that look like smoky cotton balls … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 7/11-7/17/16

Did Abraham Lincoln’s view of not using the Tidewater Peninsula as an invasion route unnecessarily prolong the war? Did McClellan’s mismanagement keep Union forces from using it, and thus allow Lee to operate in Northern Virginia where the Confederate commander … Continue reading

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A Postscript to Lincoln’s Blind Memorandum

One of best-known stories about Lincoln concerns his so-called “blind memorandum.” On the morning of August 23, Lincoln took a sheet of paper from his desk and scribbled a note to himself, his cabinet, and (ultimately) the nation: This morning, … Continue reading

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Long Abraham Lincoln a Little Longer: Soldier Voting in the Election of 1864 Pt. 4

 Many Democrats were hoping that the men in the field, particularly those in the Army of the Potomac, would remain loyal to former commanding general George McClellan. They underestimated the ability of the Union soldier to analyze for himself just … Continue reading

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Long Abraham Lincoln a Little Longer: Soldier Voting in the Election of 1864 Pt. 3  

Despite provisions by most states, efforts by the Democratic Party ensured widespread disenfranchisement of many Union soldiers. Every state that attempted to amend legislation to provide for some method of soldier voting failed if voted on by a legislature with … Continue reading

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Drawing the War, Part 4: Winslow Homer

Part four in a series. Perhaps the Civil War “Special Artist” who is best known to the general public is Winslow Homer. He is famous for the work he did after the war, not for the sketches he did during … Continue reading

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