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FREE! ECW Podcast “Civil War Round Table Congress” Is Now Available

Just what is the Civil War Roundtable Congress, and how can it help Civil War groups? ECW’s Chris Mackowski talks with the Congress’s organizer, Mike Movius, to find out more. Sound exciting? We’re going to make it even better. This … Continue reading

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Roundtable Takeaways (part three)

In his introductory remarks to the Congress of Civil War Roundtables, Civil War News columnist Matt Borowick said, “This is a very important time for Civil War Roundtables.” He elaborated on that point during the afternoon question-and-answer session. “I see … Continue reading

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Roundtable Takeaways (part two)

The sessions at today’s national Congress of Civil War Roundtables—held at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA—have offered a lot of interesting tips and insights. The third and fourth sessions focused on growing membership and effective use of … Continue reading

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The 2018 Civil War Roundtable Congress

I’m in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this weekend—at the National Civil War Museum—to attend the national Civil War Roundtable Congress. The Congress kindly invited me to offer their keynote address last night, and today, I’m sitting in on their workshops. More than … Continue reading

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