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What is a Demonstration in Military Terms?

A couple weeks ago some guests at the Emerging Civil War Symposium beckoned to me. “We have a question,” they said in low, confidential terms. “We really enjoyed the last presentation, but we’re not military historians and we’re confused. What … Continue reading

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Home Libraries: My Civil War Bookshelf – The Macmillan Wars of the United States

While conducting the research for my dissertation I spent more time in one archival collection than any other, a collection that does not appear in a single footnote and provided almost none of the information I had hoped it might … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Carol Reardon (conclusion)

(part seven of a series) I’ve been talking this past week with Carol Reardon, who’s been one of the most successful Civil War scholars to bridge the gap between the academic world and the general public. Carol’s also been a … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Carol Reardon (part two)

(part two in a series) I’m talking this week with Carol Reardon, whom I like to call the “grand dame” of Civil War history. As she explained in yesterday’s segment, her road to Civil War studies started in the field … Continue reading

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“I Crave the Privilege of Doing It” – Being a Female Military Historian

In March 1862, Clara Barton – undoubtedly the war’s most well-known nurse – requested to go to the front and serve. “Though it is little that one woman can do, still I crave the privilege of doing it,” she wrote. … Continue reading

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Civil War Railroads: An Overview

As we discuss Civil War railroads this month, let’s start out with some basic concepts. It is important to remember that this was new technology when war broke out. No general, North or South, had ever used railroads in wartime … Continue reading

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The Trust’s Teacher Institute: The American Way of War

As a precursor for the rest of the conference, where we’ll be spending so much time talking about two different wars, Kris White kicked off the American Battlefield Trust’s Teacher Institute with an overview of “The American Way of War.” … Continue reading

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McClellan’s “Attack” On Osman Pasha & The Plevna Defenders

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Frank Jastrzembski An earlier ECW post revealed how General Nelson A. Miles admired the Russo-Turkish War hero, Osman Pasha, for his overall solid leadership qualities, comparing him to General Ulysses S. Grant. George B. McClellan … Continue reading

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ECW’s Thanks to Will Greene

We just wanted to say “Thanks” to historian A. Wilson Greene, executive director of Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, Virginia. During Pamplin’s 20th annual Civil War Symposium last month, Will gave Emerging Civil War a wonderful shout-out:

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The Future of Civil War History: An Interview with Dana Shoaf (part three)

part three of five In our conversation yesterday, Dana Shoaf—editor of Civil War Times—expressed some of his concerns about the disconnect between academic historians and the general public. “It almost sometimes feels like some academics—this is a really general statement—would … Continue reading

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