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Under Fire: Mark Twain’s Experiences in the Confederate Militia

As I explored in a previous blog, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens lived a complex life. One of the lesser-known facets of his life is his limited service during the American Civil War. Though it may not be a purely non-fiction retelling … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: A New State Answers The Call To War

ECW welcomes Lance J. Herdegen.  News of the firing on Fort Sumter in 1861 was announced from the pulpits of small-town churches and elsewhere on a peaceful Sunday morning in Wisconsin. “The effect…can hardly be told upon those who had … Continue reading

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Recruiting The Regiment: The Militia & The 2nd Maine Infantry

ECW welcomes Brian Swartz Patriotic fervor rocketed through the Pine Tree State as the 2nd Maine Infantry Regiment formed in mid-April 1861. The regiment would not have shipped so soon to Washington, D.C. without drawing upon existing militia companies — … Continue reading

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Arming Virginia: Henry Wise’s Attempts to Prevent Another John Brown’s Raid

The word of John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry struck the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond, Virginia like a thunderbolt. Immediately, the lanky Henry Wise sprang into action. He called on the state’s militia to help suppress the uprising before journeying … Continue reading

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The Origins of Fortress Washington

Emerging Civil War welcomes guest author Steve T. Phan By 1865, Washington D.C. was surrounded. On the high hills, long ridges, and flat plateaus that encircled the capital of the United States was an elaborate system of fortifications. Now, as … Continue reading

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Towards a Respectable Army

One of the enduring myths of the Revolution is that the Americans won by using superior tactics, using cover and concealment while the British fought in lines. Yet in reality, the Americans found that they had to create an army … Continue reading

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A Curious Case of the Measles

We are glad to welcome Meg Thompson as a guest author today. Meg currently teaches at Brownell Middle School, named for E. E. Brownell, a California educator who was named for Colonel Elmer Ellsworth and is related to Corporal Francis … Continue reading

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