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ECW Weekender: History at Sunset at FredSpot

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park has brought back its popular “History at Sunset” programs for the late summer and early fall. Unlike in past years, the programs are NOT all on Friday evenings. Also, they’ll run bi-weekly instead of … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/11-10/17/21

In your opinion, what’s the best movie score from a Civil War movie?

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The General Stevenson Quick Step

Thomas Greeley Stevenson isn’t a name most Civil War buffs recognize these days, but he’s someone near and dear to my own heart because of my affiliation with Stevenson Ridge, a historic property on the Spotsylvania Battlefield named for Stevenson. … Continue reading

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CW & Pop Culture: Civil War Rock and Roll, or, Who was Larkin Poe?

When it comes to the Civil War and popular culture, I admit I am hard to please. For example, with a couple of notable exceptions, I am generally disappointed by film portrayals of the American Civil War. Even the ones … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Philip Gerard on The Last Battleground (part four)

Part four of six Philip Gerard says “North Carolina has this sort of schizophrenic personality as a state.” In yesterday’s segment about his book The Last Battleground: The Civil War Comes to North Carolina (UNC Press, 2019), he talked about … Continue reading

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Music on the Spotsylvania Earthworks

By May 11, Ulysses S. Grant’s Virginia campaign had been underway for one week. The men of both armies went through the blazing inferno of the Wilderness only to find themselves now huddled behind substantial earthworks ringing the landscape around … Continue reading

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Railroads: A Little Music, A Little History About A Great Locomotive Chase

You’ve probably heard of Andrews’ Raid…but have you heard the musical piece by Robert W. Smith memorializing this ill-fated Civil War adventure on the tracks?

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The Trust’s Teacher Institute: Dan Welch’s Music Lesson

ECW’s Dan Welch has joined us in Philadelphia for the American Battlefield Trust’s Teacher Institute. He’s offering a fun session this afternoon that takes advantage of our location: “At the Hop” to “Love Train”: The Philadelphia Sound & Philly Soul.

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Into the Volcano with the Ironclad CSS Arkansas

Part I of this tale left the lonely Arkansas and Captain Isaac N. Brown on July 15, 1862, facing a gauntlet of Yankee deep-water warships, steam rams, river ironclads, gunboats, and bomb vessels as he ran down the Mississippi toward Vicksburg. … Continue reading

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A History of Civil War Drummer Boys (Part 2)

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Michael Aubrecht to share Part 2 of his article Perhaps the most photographed drummer boy of the American Civil War, Robert Henry Hendershot, was known as the “Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock.” His nickname supposedly … Continue reading

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