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Into the Volcano with the Ironclad CSS Arkansas

Part I of this tale left the lonely Arkansas and Captain Isaac N. Brown on July 15, 1862, facing a gauntlet of Yankee deep-water warships, steam rams, river ironclads, gunboats, and bomb vessels as he ran down the Mississippi toward Vicksburg. … Continue reading

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A History of Civil War Drummer Boys (Part 2)

Emerging Civil War welcomes back Michael Aubrecht to share Part 2 of his article Perhaps the most photographed drummer boy of the American Civil War, Robert Henry Hendershot, was known as the “Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock.” His nickname supposedly … Continue reading

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A History of Civil War Drummer Boys (Part 1)

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome guest author Michael Aubrecht Throughout the history of warfare musicians have always played an important role on the battlefield. Military music has served many purposes including marching cadences, bugle calls and funeral dirges. … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: 2nd S.C. String Band

I love the 2nd South Carolina String Band, and you should, too!

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Creating Music For A Historical Drama: An Interview With Dane B. Frazier

Have you ever tried to watch a movie that has no soundtrack? Plots and conflicts may be perfect and paired with dialogue that is realistic, but the film will probably lack the emotional context. Music has a way playing with … Continue reading

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The Clara Barton Sessions

So a musician walks into the Clara Barton Missing Soldier Museum and says . . . “What a great performance space!” If Miss Barton’s ghost was there, I bet she was surprised, but eventually, I am pretty sure she was … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Berkeley Plantation

Not far from the Malvern Hill battlefield runs a stretch of historic James River Plantations with plenty of history of their own. Foremost among them is Berkeley Plantation, where I recently made a visit in order to track down the … Continue reading

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“Sally had a baby, and the baby had red hair”—part two

Today, we bring you the second part of Lance Herdegen’s two-part piece about the music of the Iron Brigade, which was not only one of the most famous fighting units in the Army of the Potomac but whose members also … Continue reading

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“Sally had a baby, and the baby had red hair”—part one

We’re pleased today to bring you part one of a two-part piece from guest poster Lance Herdegen, author of The Iron Brigade in Civil War and Memory. The Iron Brigade in the old Army of the Potomac made its own … Continue reading

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Does the American Civil War Need a Theme Song?

Like so many, I have been captivated by the mournfully lovely tune “Ashokan Farewell.” I am sure most of us first heard it when we were watching Ken Burns’s The Civil War, and wondered about it. I knew I had … Continue reading

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