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Bivouacs of the Dead

When touring battlefields on my own or leading a group, I always try and stop by the cemeteries that are there – both to meet the men but also to reflect on the events. I try to do this whether … Continue reading

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Thinking About Historic Graveyards

Okay…historical confession time: I like historic graveyards. To me, it’s special to wander around a cemetery, finding the graves of Civil War generals, officers, soldiers, and civilians that I’ve studied. Some folks find that a little freaky, morbid, weird, or … Continue reading

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The Other Fort Rosecrans

For most Civil War aficionados, Fort Rosecrans shows up on their radar screen just outside Murfreesboro, Tennessee. There, in the months after its bruising victory over the Confederate Army of Tennessee at the Battle of Stones River, the Union Army … Continue reading

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Who Do You Remember?

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Remembering “Hellmira”

Katie Logothetis’ series about Fredericksburg National Cemetery inspired a stop at Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, NY, where Confederate POWs who died at the Elmira prison camp are buried.

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The Dead of “Hellmira”

A few weeks ago, I visited the former site of the Civil War prison in Elmira, New York. At the time, I recalled a quote from David Blight’s Race and Reunion, which said, “The infamous sites of Civil War prisons…were … Continue reading

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